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With careful consideration and thought, Ideal is proud to announce that we have decided to rename our UltraWeld window series the UltraTite window series.

Recently completed test results for the double hung window have shown above and beyond structural performance and air leakage results. With an exceptional 0.02 cfm air leakage and an out-of-the-box DP-45* rating, the UltraTite has few peers. That is not a misprint. The decimal point is in the right place. An Ideal UltraTite Double Hung has a better air infiltration rating than almost every other double hung window product, made by anyone, made using any material, sold at any price. Additionally, a DP-50* rating is easily achieved with the inclusion of double strength glass. Additional information and test results are available through our website or customer service.

*DP-Rating and Air Infiltration Rating were tested on a 40”x63” UltraTite Double Hung in compliance to AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05 “Standard/Specification for Windows, Doors and Unit Sky Lights.”