Award-Winning FlexScreen



Easy To Use

FlexScreen springs into an opening, making installing and removing the screens easy.

Easy To Clean

Traditional screens get in the way when cleaning. FlexScreen’s low profile design allows water to cascade over the screen bar.

Easy To Store

Because of the low-profile bar design, 10 screens can fit into a 3-inch box!



Better Looking

FlexScreens disappear in the screen frame, beautifying your window.

A Nicer View

FlexScreen provides a greater viewing area by eliminating the bulky screen bar.

A Match Made

Most screens don’t match your windows. FlexScreen tucks into the window frame so there’s no colors to match.



Dent Resistant

FlexScreens are tough, produced out of carbon enriched spring steel powder coated with PVC.

Break Resistant

Throw it, drop it, bend it – the frame will never dent, break or scratch.

Scratch Resistant

The tough powder-coated steel resists scratching and provides protection from the extreme outdoor elements.

The World's First Flexible Window Screen

Ideal Window

Ideal Window