Garden Window

  • Fully welded, rigid PVC vinyl frame will not chip, rot or peel and will never need to be painted.
  • Aluminum and steel reinforcements in the front mullion.
  • Clear 1-inch insulated glass package.
  • Top sloped insulating glass (a constant 35-degree pitch) is tempered for improved safety and unit integrity.
  • Both vents and deadlites have a built-in weep system and external glazing.
  • A two-part structural silicone is used to glaze the top slope and vertical deadlite portions of the unit.
  • Exterior grade plywood headboard, seat board and jamb are 5/4-inch for improved structural and thermal performance; support brackets are not needed.
  • Locks and operators are mounted to the inside front area for easy access.
  • A multi-point locking system locks sash at top and bottom for a tighter seal and added security.
  • The window is shipped completely assembled and ready to install. Fiberglass screens are included with every window.

New Construction Nailing Fin
Our Garden windows also offer a nailing fin for easy installation into new construction applications. The nailing fin is integral to the frame. It surrounds the full perimeter of the frame and helps make installations weathertight.

Insulated Seat Board
Highly recommended: Insulation board with an “R” value of 5 can be installed under the seat board to increase the “R” value to 6.22. This 1-inch thick lightweight rigid material is 100 percent waterproof.




Head Board, Seat Board and Jamb Colors

Standard Birch Veneer

Standard Oak Veneer



Acrylic Solid Surface Seat Board Insert Options



Black Pearl

Platinum Granite

Vanilla Sugar

White Quartz




glass-garden window shelf

Adjustable Glass Shelf
  • One or more adjustable glass shelves with polished edges, brackets, and standards. Depending upon the width of the unit, the glass thickness will be either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch.
Ideal Window

Ideal Window