Garden Window

  • AAMA certified DP-50 (R-50) rating for units 60.5 x 60.5 inches and smaller (Although units of a larger size do not have the same R-50 “Coastal Rating,” they still provide all of the features and options of the smaller sizes).
  • Fully welded, rigid PVC frame for greater strength and stability.
  • The center mullion contains aluminum and steel reinforcements.
  • Vinyl frame will not chip, rot or peel and will never need to be painted.
  • Clear 1-inch insulated glass package.
  • Top slope insulating glass (a constant 35-degree pitch) is tempered for improved safety and unit integrity.
  • The projection of the window from the exterior wall face is a constant 17 inches.
  • Knee brace supports are not needed.

Ideal Window
  • Structural Features
    • Both vents and deadlites have a built-in weep system and external glazing.
    • A structural silicone is used to glaze the top slope and vertical deadlite portions of the unit.
    • Snap-in sill cover for seat board provides aesthetic appeal and weather resistance.
    • Exterior grade plywood head board, seat board and jamb are 1-1/4-inch for improved structural and thermal performance.
    • Engineered for new construction and remodeling applications.
    • Standard garden window jamb depths of 4-9/16, 5-1/4, 6-9/16, and 11 inches are available as well as custom jamb depths to fit any application.
Operating Sash
  • Locks and operators are conveniently mounted to the inside front area for easy access.
  • Operators are sealed to prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Twin sealing, fully screened, operating casements with external glazing for improved weather protection.
  • The FlexScreen screens have a high-performance spring steel frame that is captured in the screen track and can be easily removed from inside the home. You will no longer see a screen frame and will gain more viewing area through the glass.
  • The multi-point locking system provides a tighter seal and additional security.


Ideal Window

Adjustable Glass Shelf
  • One or more adjustable glass shelves with polished edges, brackets, and standards. Depending upon the width of the unit, the glass thickness will be either 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch.

Ideal Window

Optional Impact-Rated Garden Window

The only impact-rated vinyl garden window on the market today. It continues the tradition of superior engineering and reliability established by our Series 2050.

This innovative product was tested by Intertek/ Architectural Testing and is certified to meet an ASTM Design Pressure of 50, Missile Impact Level D and Windzone 3 (Test report # D4389.01 501-44). It also has received Florida Building Code Approval (FL 17444).

Sized at 63 x 63 inches, the window was tested according to:

1) ASTM 1886-05, Standard Test Method for Performance of Exterior Windows by Missile(s) and Exposed to Cyclic Pressure Differentials, and

2) ASTM E1996-12, Standard Specifications for Performance of Exterior Windows Impacted by Windborne Debris in Hurricanes.

All of the features, benefits, and options of our standard garden window are provided in this new impact-rated unit.

The only visible difference between the Series 2050 and the 2050i is the thickness of the front mullion.

Each window is custom-made to your specifications and shipped completely assembled, ready to install.